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Many home designs include plans with options.  

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​What Options Should I Choose?

My Home Floor Plans offers many “options,” as our competitors call them. For example, multiple-build licenses, foundation changes, structural changes, and CAD files are always included in the total purchase price.

What Options Should I Choose?

​My Home Floor Plans offers many ‘options’, as our competitors call them.  For example, multiple-build license, foundation change, structural, and CAD file are always included in the total purchase price.

Selecting a Package Format

Packages offered by other companies include PDF, 5 sets, 8 sets, reproducible sets, and CAD files.

Each home plan purchase includes the PDF, CAD file, and reproducible set.

Shipping is $100 per plan for a single set and $20 per additional set.


Additional Options

When you order a house plan from us, you may select from a range of options based on your own preferences.

Selecting A Foundation

Talk to a local builder about the best foundation options for your state and the building site before you choose one. Depending on your lot’s circumstances, certain foundations will perform better than others. The water table level in your state will determine the optimal foundation for your home. A “water table” refers to the depth of the soil where you find water.

Depending on the designer and the home, there are often three foundation options:

Slab Foundation

The most popular type of foundation, slabs do not allow for any room under the house and do not allow for any expansion. On flat properties, these low-maintenance foundations are popular.

Crawl Space Foundation

Crawl-space foundations are raised a few feet off the ground and provide access to a small storage room beneath the home.

Basement Foundations

The most expensive foundations are basement foundations because they add more space to the house by going 8 feet or more below ground level. Basements provide additional square footage and the flexibility to utilize that space as desired.

We recommend inquiring with your builder about the best foundation solution for your property. 

Additional Options

Right Reading Reverse

Right Reading Reverse flips the entire plan so that the left side of the home is on the right, and the right is on the left. All text and measurements have been redrawn to create an entirely new plan with the original’s layout inverted.

Mirror Reverse

also flips the complete design to the reverse layout, but with text and dimensions appearing backwards, as if viewed in a mirror. This option is utilized largely when the original drawings do not contain the redrawn text and measurements, but a reverse layout is still required.

Conversion from 2×4 to 2×6

Even though 2×4 construction is more common, 2×6 construction is usually used to build homes in the colder northern parts of the United States because it provides more insulation. Using 2×6 construction costs more initially but provides a stronger structure that can withstand heavy winds, earthquakes, etc., and reduces heating and cooling expenses by boosting insulation.

Some of our architects offer a 2×6 conversion that changes the plans for the house to fit the bigger size. Please look at the “Additional Options” section to find out if this house plan comes with a 2×6 conversion. You can change the blueprints to add a 2×6 conversion if you do not find this option.

Metric and Imperial

Plans may be delivered in either metric or imperial. Please indicate if metric is preferred in your order.​


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