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Home Plans with Elevators

​My Home Floor Plans provides a vast selection of home floor plans with elevators, architectural designs with elevators, and house plans with elevators.

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Home Plan with Elevator

Floor Plans with Elevators | Home Plans with Elevators

Why not make your new residence as accessible as possible? Elevator home ideas provide space for an elevator to transport you between floors. There are ideas for affordable beach bungalows and family-friendly floor plans that accommodate sloping lots, among others.

Aging in place is a commonly used expression, but it does not necessitate renovating your entire home to accommodate a wheelchair (though including wide doorways, easy-to-reach light switches, and grab bars is a good way to make friends and relatives in wheelchairs feel welcome).

Instead, it indicates that you are preparing for the future. A house that is designed to serve you for decades should be prepared for the prospect of diminished mobility, whether that is due to aching joints that make climbing stairs uncomfortable or a severe accident.

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Home Plans with Elevators

But it’s not just for you. Consider how much simpler it would be for everyone if an elevator was accessible, especially if you have elderly parents or relatives who may move in with you in the future. One-story houses provide the easiest layout for mobility, but if your property doesn’t permit expanding out, it may not be possible to accommodate all you desire on one level. Therefore, you build upward, which is a productive use of land.

If you are uncertain if you will need the elevator vehicle, there is no need to build it. Simply select a floor plan (or utilize our modification service) that stacks closets on top of one another to provide space for a future elevator shaft. If you seldom use the elevator, there is convenient storage available instead. Win/win!

The types of house plans with elevators are fairly diverse, ranging from breezy coastal designs suitable for Florida or South Carolina to elegant shingle forms suitable for Michigan or the Pacific Northwest.

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