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3 Bedroom Home Plans

3 Bedroom Home Floor Plans, Architectural Designs, and the very best, Three Bedroom House Plans.

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3 bedroom home plans

3 Bedroom Home Plans

Three-bedroom floor plans with two or two-and-a-half bathrooms are extremely popular! Our collection of 3 bedroom house plans features a variety of sizes and architectural styles, from modern farmhouse plans to Craftsman bungalow floor plans.

The ideal number of bedrooms and bathrooms for many households is 3. Why? Because there are 3 bedrooms (including the master bedroom), there is sufficient space for an office and a guest room, or two children’s rooms, or a hobby room and a workout room…you get the picture. Three-bedroom floor plans with an open concept and a split-bedroom layout provide ample space for gatherings and a private master suite.

Many three-bedroom home plans contain supplementary space on the second floor, allowing for the addition of a fourth bedroom if necessary. This collection includes everything from tiny house plans to small three-bedroom house plans to luxurious home designs. Explore these three bedroom house designs to find the ideal design for your home. 

3 bedroom home plans

A three-bedroom house plan has advantages.

House designs with three bedrooms provide you and your family with everything you need to live comfortably without wasting any space. You could have enough area to set up a home office, gym room, or guest room, depending on the size of your family.

You can rely on flexibility, plenty of room to personalize and create your interiors, and good future market value if your floor plan includes three bedrooms. Couples with children as well as those who want to expand their families in the future will find these plans excellent since they often cater to families.

First Advantage:

Flexible Floor Plans
Three-bedroom home designs provide you with the versatility to accommodate your growing family. You’ll have the space you need, whether it’s one bedroom for a large family or the ability to convert extra space into a playroom, work-from-home office, or anything else.

You may turn the additional rooms into a guest room, a craft or hobby room, or a home gym as your requirements change over time.

Second Advantage:

Lots of Room for Living and Entertaining A more roomy design, such as a three bedroom home plan, provides you with extra living space that your family may utilize over time. With the right layout, a three-bedroom house can feel big and open, making it a great place for gatherings and family events.

Third advantage:

Enhanced market value: When looking for a new home to purchase, many homeowners like three-bedroom house layouts. This is mostly because residences with three bedrooms are sufficient in size but less costly than those with a fourth bedroom.

Since families will always need more room, this might eventually raise the home’s market value. As a result, if and when the time comes for you to sell, you’ll probably do so profitably and with a rapid sale of your home.

Family-oriented house plans are an added bonus.

There is no doubt that families prefer three-bedroom home ideas. In addition to the ample space, the home also has family-friendly amenities including numerous bathrooms, a laundry room on the same level as the bedrooms, and a walk-in closet in the master bedroom for additional storage.

People like that it has a big kitchen, a bonus room in the basement, and nice places to hang out outside. Whether you choose to build a one-story or two-story home, you may position your house such that it encourages socializing and family enjoyment.

Common Questions Regarding Plans for Three Bedrooms

You’ll undoubtedly have some inquiries while you plan and construct your house. The following are some typical queries that are raised during the procedure.

How Much Does a Three Bedroom House Cost to Build?

The cost to construct a house in America ranges from $100 to $155 per square foot. As a result, if we use the 1,876 square feet from the typical three-bedroom house sold, you may anticipate paying at the low end of $187,600.

The top end for the same square footage might cost $290,780. However, these figures will change depending on your location, architectural design, and material choice. You may get an estimate using our Instant Cost-to-Construct function based on the zip code of the location where you want to build and your anticipated quality level.

You need to think about how much your contractor will charge, how much building materials will cost, and how much it will cost to buy the land while your house is being built. You need to own or finance a property plot with power and water in order to construct your house.

What Features of a Three Bedroom House Plan Can I Customize?

You may pick the layout and the style of your home while creating it, with options ranging from Tudor house designs to rustic.

The placement of the master bedroom and the other bedrooms is perhaps the most crucial choice. You’ll have a clear concept of where to place the living room, kitchen, bathrooms, and garage after designating these areas.

The majority of three-bedroom home plans feature two bathrooms, one for the master suite and one for the other bedrooms, which is something to keep in mind. A Jack and Jill bathroom is sometimes included in houses for the two smaller rooms.

Where Do I Go to Find Cheap House Plans?

Buying a floor plan from My Home Floor Plans is among the finest methods to save money and receive a personalized, inexpensive layout. You may quickly choose through a large variety to get the perfect plan for you and your family.

Use the bedroom, bathroom, garage, size, house style, and kitchen filters to narrow your search. Finding the ideal design will be simple thanks to the vast selection.

To help you build the house of your dreams, My Home Floor Plans include a range of opulent amenities. To get a clearer idea of how your house will appear, you may get a 3D rendering when you buy a floor plan (available for most designs).


Are My House Plans Drawable?

If you can’t find a design you like or want to tweak a certain element, drawing your own home plans is a possibility. If you want to sketch your floor plan, be sure to keep these suggestions in mind:

Tip #1: Give Accurate Room, Space, and Furniture Dimensions

When you provide a contractor your blueprints, they must assess the project’s viability and the cost of the supplies.

Plan out windows in Tip #2.

Windows are necessary for both heating and cooling. Without careful planning, your home’s heating and cooling costs might wind up costing you hundreds more each year.

#3: Incorporate Architectural Elements

Any permanent constructions in a home, such as stairways, doors, windows, plumbing, electricity, fireplaces, and shelves, are considered architectural characteristics. If you don’t include these components in your design, you’ll eventually have schematic problems.

Planning Your Furniture is Tip #4.

After measuring your space, begin drafting your furnishings. Making sure your rooms and spaces are big enough requires you to draw the furnishings. Include dimensions for the furnishings as well, if you can.


The process of building your own house is thrilling. You may choose your preferred design from My Home Floor Plans, make changes to it, ask for a 3D model, and then send these papers to your architect and builder.

When you can swiftly construct a home according to your specifications, there’s no need to compete with others who are seeking to acquire one on the open market. The versatility and alternatives are limitless since there are so many options available. View our house plans to learn how we can assist you in constructing the home of your dreams right now.


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